FRESH MANNA, March 16, <%>, The tide is turning in your favor. Just because you feel like you have been going through a little adversity these days, guest what?  Things are working in your favor while you are going through. You have to always look at the bigger picture. Your progress is not being stop, because it can’t.  You see only obstacles, but what God’s allows is opportunities to show, teach, revaluate, and elevation. Upward motion to the next level is all that God wants you to think about. Why, because it helps get you where He wants you faster. Working together as one and united to reach your destiny just as He planned it. Take heed of what’s happening to you and be uplifted in a terrible or bad time in your life. Also, remember to count it all joy while you are going thru something. There are no setbacks with the children of God only setups. We reach for the high calling in Christ Jesus and when you can see above this situation you will see the victory that awaits us all.


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