FRESH MANNA, March 17, <?>, Beware of the enemies tactics. They may sometime seem unimportant at the time but later could cause you to think about them a lot which leads you to spending too much time in thought. Thou they are small don’t make light of them. A small spider or Ant could make a sore on your body ten times its size and the damage for some could cause health issue or loss of life. Beware of the little things that try in creep in your life. Shut all doors to the outside that will lead you to stumble. Turn off, turn away or run for safety might be your only choices to avoid the enemies’ traps. Focus all your mind, body and spirit on things above. Being in this world doesn’t mean you have to be one of them, you’re not. We are from a different world call heaven. The enemies tactics are used to subdue you into thinking you are of this world and you should let your guard down to live the way the world does. Your hope lies in Christ to see truth about this world and how to operate in it.



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