FRESH MANNA, March 18, <??>, Self-awareness of some of the things you say and do can keep you from affectively having victory over the enemy. It’s the simple but deadly things. You are un-aware or you put it off because it’s small and insignificant, so you thought. If you are trying to keep your body under subjection, but you are having are hard time doing that, then you must consider the obvious. Simple glances, what kind of damage you say that could do? It’s that simple thing that start off like a small papal when thrown in a pond can eventually make large waves. It’s the little things spoil the wine. One bad apple can affect a lot of good fruit. Think about the subtle hints you receive from the devil if you don’t refute them they will help shape your desire for wanting that thing or desiring more. One look or glance what can it cause? It can cause you to stumble by looking more and more, then desire builds up enough that you have to go even farther down the rabbits hold. Take head of the little things before they grow into unstoppable big things. Live without regret. Let nothing or no one stop you from your destiny. There is no victory in war if you don’t put up the shield and sword to protect yourself.



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