FRESH MANNA, March 19,

FRESH MANNA, March 19, <*+*>, The time that you have is not your own, therefore the time that you’re wasting can’t be paid back to the true owner. If life is a gift that you are given, to much is given much is required. Though the gift of life is free and you do have free will to make any choices you see fit, there are consequences for every choice that you make. The free gift comes with the intent that you would read the fine print that comes with it and make logical and heart felt and use wisdom in your decision making that would lead you to operate within the framework of the lift you’re given. It’s not easy because this world system is setup for you to make decisions outside of the framework and take the chances to lose your free gift in the attempt to form your own rules related to how you should use your free gift. Long life comes from accepting the one who gave the free gift, but also give it back in the way you live. When you accept this free gift and live in the framework of it you get to enjoy abundant and eternal life.



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