FRESH MANNA, March 20, <^^^>, The War will never be over until the return of Christ, so what are you doing in the meantime to keep the faith and not give into the enemies advances into your home or your mind. We know exactly what to do based upon God’s word that the Trinity lies inside our hearts for a reason. We can no longer deal with the issues of life by returning to our old man in the manner in which we used to handle things. You know what I mean; you were quick to react in the flesh to respond to every situation life throws at you. You are not utilizing the gifts place inside you including the presence of the Holy one there to help you guard your heart, mind and soul. The word says to guard your heart, take up your sword, resist the devil, and take every thought captive, but these tools has gone without use. Yes you may a time or two but we are in a War that will not end until Christ returns. The weapons against us are not carnal, so you need to use what God has given you to win and win you shall.



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