FRESH MANNA, March 23, +++, Do you really believe, then what’s the hold up with you picking up your cross and following the one who gave you life? Shame in who you really are or what you believe say’s that you really don’t believe, because if you did you wouldn’t hide it. Fear has no place in the life of those who say they believe. Fear and shame stops a believer from operating in God’s plan. Once we became a believer our main recourse is to bring the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Every man, woman and child on earth believing, sharing and operating just like they were from Heaven is how we change earth to look just like Heaven. Jesus paved the way so that all we would have to do is follow His lead. Question is are you ready to put down the shame of who you really are and the fear that holds you back because you don’t want your friends to know you love Christ. This is why you’re here. They need you to show them the way so they too can love Christ and help in changing this world into Heaven.


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