FRESH MANNA, March 24, <+>, The struggle within is the struggle you pretend nothing is wrong. The struggle you pretend is the one you can no longer hold within. For everything in life that comes against you Heaven has an answer for. Nothing hidden that the light can’t reveal. Darkness will be repelled back by the light. For every action there is an equal and opposite and powerful reaction. Yes, in this war between heaven and hell it might seem that we are stuck in the middle, but would our Creator place us here to fight alone and without weapons that are more powerful than the enemy we fight? No, He gave us every weapon we will ever need and with those we have the Angels which outnumber the demons. We are surrounded by a host of heavenly Angels and within our hands the sword, which is the Word and on our bodies the armor that no fiery weapon can penetrate. The only weaknesses remain in our minds and upon our lips. Will you daily feed your minds renewing it with the Word and will you speak God’s truth from your lips for victory to remain on the side of righteousness?



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