FRESH MANNA, March 25,

FRESH MANNA, March 25, <++>, It’s does a mind and spirit good to think ahead for the thoughts of our past controls future things. Spending any time with something that undoubtedly caused us much pain tends to keep our minds focus on negative things and not positive things. We will be like pigs playing in the mud and trapped in a pin with only a glimpse of a way out, but the gate forever closed until the day of slaughter. Meaning, to forever dwell upon the pains of your past, when God has made a way out, you have chosen to stay where it’s most uncomfortable while it eats away at your mind, body and soul until you pass away. You are making your enemy happy daily with your choses. I mean whose side are you own anyway, the devil or God? You chose freely with free will to side with the devil when your Father has given you access into Heavenly places. You have joy, peace, love, and happiness, freedom from bondage, grace and mercy which are new every morning. Who can separate us from the love of God, nothing and no one?



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