FRESH MANNA, March 26,

FRESH MANNA, March 26, <+++>, You have heard it said; let go and let God. What’s true about this statement is that we should be losing the reins of our self so that God can work in and through us. Letting go to let God be the one that guides and direct our steps. Letting go of what holds us back and having full confidence that God is in control even though we have free will to do and make a lot of decisions in our lives, it’s that freedom we feel when we ask God to lead, guide, direct, and show us the way. Our will for is will to do all that He needs to do in our lives to make us the image of what He created us to be in the first place. The main reason you are having so much trouble is not letting Him do His part. Our part is to surrender our will for His. Let your will be done as it is in Heaven. It’s like closing your eyes, opening your arms wide and falling back knowing your Father will be there to catch you. Letting go putting your confidence, trust and faith in Him who will not lie or fail forsake you.



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