FRESH MANNA, March 27,

FRESH MANNA, March 27, <?>, One thing we do, either unaware or aware, is giving any of our time to devil. You know, every time you allow him to put thoughts in your head that sways your thinking his way, you have spent your time allowing him to occupy that space between your ears. What harm can he do? Well, he’s the devil first of all and any Christian shouldn’t even ponder the thought of allowing the enemy to just put any kind of thought in our heads. Do you remember what happen to Eve? Yes, I know nothing happen until Adam eat, but you see one person can precede another to do things if he or she can appeal to their desires. It only took Eve giving the devil the time he needed in occupying her mind enough to change the truth into a lie. Here we are doing it over and over again. He has been using that trick for thousands of years. We have been falling for it every time. Those who win are those who capture thoughts and close off excess to the devil by way of thoughts entering their minds. Your life will change for the best in all expects when you secure your mind and do things according to God’s way to doing things.


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