FRESH MANNA, March 30,

FRESH MANNA, March 30, <///>, In order to move forward in your new found faith and determination you will have to “stop tripping over your own self”. We have to get out of the way in order for God to do His thing in us. God is guiding our footsteps, but we keep laying down old and new traps to slow down or stop the progress that God has in store for us. We have been getting in the way of God’s work in us. We are stepping and tripping over our on feet. I think this is being down on purpose. Why, because of either trying to rush God to get where we are going or impede our progress because of fear that was planted in our mind by the enemy. I know it’s hard for some to leave that old man that we have become so comfortable with. The new man inside of us is trying to change to old man on the outside and that’s his job. We can’t move forward or go to the next level in God’s plan for our lives until the old becomes more like the new. Change on the outside must happen in order to become the complete image of Christ like.


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