FRESH MANNA, March 31, <_>, This morning I want to address the men and talk about their first Love. For some loving another man these days is not being welcome because of the society we live in today. It’s one of those fopa’s about men loving each other enough to reach out and share many things together. For a man a relationship like that could take a while to build. It’s not like a blood brother where loving them comes easily. Hard as they are to come by it’s needed for men to progress and to build relational trust and share openly their fears and fellers. The bible says that it’s like iron sharping iron. But to make this easy than it is we need to love Christ first. In Christ we find our self. As He poured out His love on us in return we gravitate and long for His love. The person we used to be is behind us and we pick up and are drowned to His love. For God so love us that He sent His Son for our love. To forget our first love is to forget why God sent Him, for our love. Sin is what draws us away from that love. Reject sin and put aside the fopa’s of this world so you may stay in close relationship with your first love.


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