FRESH MANNA, April 30, +=+,

FRESH MANNA, April 30, +=+, What started out as a daily word for a number of men I was pouring into, little did I know it would continue and then turn into a book. When you are walking in your destiny and purpose for God you may not know where He would lead you each day, but it would have something to do with what you are most passionate about. God takes your feet then He guides them in the direction He wants you to go. For the most part He doesn’t interfere with where you are going until you decide to take that leap of faith towards your destiny, but until then He will give you visions that would give a glimpse of your future. Your life as a Christian is marked for good. If you decide as a Christian not to go a certain direction then what could happen is called the Jonah Affect. God will cause you to change your mind by unction of the Spirit, by tests and trials, by placing things and people in your life whereby you unknowingly end up back on the path He intended for you in the first place. My suggestion, if you are uncertain about your direction of where God is taking you, being afraid or not, be open and willing to be used by God so He could direct your path. Release yourself so that He can release you to go out into the world to affect it with those things He has given you in your talents and abilities.



FRESH MANNA, April 29, @=@,

FRESH MANNA, April 29, @=@, We live in our flesh daily and we realize there is a war going on there that sometimes frustrates us to what seems to be no end in sight. We have to play this terrible game daily fighting against our own mind and body. We feed it, put the Word in it, we tell it no you can no longer act that way, you must do as I say and as the Word of God tell us. But the body rarely listens and if our body does, it waits for our weak moments to start acting up again. It has no remorse for the good things we teach it. As we know that we must not answer to our bodies and minds, the things that it wants to do we don’t want to do them. We feel compile by this flesh to follow the course of this world and pursue after the things of this world and desire them until we have our fill of them. Then once again when fulfillment has worn off it comes to us begging for more. We fight to keep it under the Word and grace of God. We no longer are subject to its power but the power of the Holy Spirit.  Sin plagues our flesh and the blood of Christ is the cure.

FRESH MANNA, April 27, \\\,

FRESH MANNA, April 27, \\\, Wars are mostly won on your knees. When doing any kind of preparedness for battle when it comes to the War we are in as Christians, we must start with prayer. It does help you mentally, but also spiritually. There is a warrior on the inside of you. Have any of you seen the new AD Series where the Angel comes and roll the stone away. It took five or six men to put the stone in place, but one Angel roll it away. The spirit man is like that type of warrior and with the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you there is no evil force that could take you. Our weakness lies only in our flesh. That’s why the word tells us to walk in the spirit. For us that’s to do things according to the real person who is from heaven helping our flesh to defeat all the forces of darkness that comes against us. You on the outside, which is flesh, are to respond to your enemy with the power within. You can’t handle the issues of life in the flesh. You will only get minimal results, which is weak against an enemy that is stronger than your flesh. He won’t respond or back off until you invoke the spirit within to help drive him back. Your flesh is the tool or like an instrument that once you learn to master it will sound so beautiful the enemy will not have any choice but to back off you.


FRESH MANNA, April 23, (!!!),

FRESH MANNA, April 23, (!!!), Why do we avoid change? We know we need to change some things about ourselves in order for God to move mightily in our favor, but we don’t because we see where God is taking us. Or we see how much God’s purpose for our lives we lead us down a road we tell ourselves we are not ready for. We are too comfortable where we are and even though these tests, trials and issues of life are kicking our, well you know what, we still feel good where we are. Fooled by the devil, fooled by our on desires for something else, fooled by the desires of this world, or just a fool. I know that was strong, but many of you know that the only grass that has greener pastures is in the destiny where God is leading you. Many of you are suffering that don’t have to, but you remain for some odd reason that you and God only knows. God sees this as you being led not by the spirit but by the flesh and you are not ready for God to use you to help in concurring others for the Kingdom. He’s looking for those the light was turned on that would lead others to the light for their spirits to be awakened. Change must take place in yourself in order for you to be at the place promised for you. How long will it take for the truth inside you to prevail?


FRESH MANNA, April 22, =+=,

FRESH MANNA, April 22, =+=, We have all the help we would ever need. Christ sent us a gift that we truly until know have not understood the full understanding of His help. Nor have we who think we understand why He is with us had not taken full advantage of His powers. The force is strong in my family. Ok, I brought up another Star War saying. But to all who have received Christ has also receive the Spirit, you now have the power living on the inside of you to carry out and fulfill all God’s promises. After you have been filled with the Spirit, He will help you to understand the Word which you read. He also will help you thru the fruits of the spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. These attributes of the spirit will remind you and reframe your thinking to act with these fruits towards yourself, others, and in life. This power will not force you, but you will be empowered to act in such a way that represents the image of Christ in you. Your character and ways will change as you put each of these in action.


FRESH MANNA, April 21, _&_,

FRESH MANNA, April 21, _&_, What effects does your situations in life change you view on how to handle those things you are going thru? What enables you to act a certain way if someone or something pushes your buttons? What are those root causes that you can pin point that people show be on high alert? What is your protection against what you’re going through? Have you been using self-preservation which is of the flesh to fight something that is not of this world but is of a dark world? Or do you know what to do in the Word, but yet you still put it aside thinking that the only way you are familiar with is what’s in your mind to do? But, yet it doesn’t work. You have herd them say try God when all else you’ve tried fells, but yet you won’t. Why, lack of faith in the Word is the reason you won’t try God’s way of handling the enemy of darkness coming against your mind, which also affects your body. Ephesians 6:11-18 AMP or NLT gives added descriptive terms to help you understand and visualize your preparedness for the battles you face daily.


FRESH MANNA, April 20, *(*,

FRESH MANNA, April 20, *(*, World changers, meaning you were designed to change the World. Well in several ways, you were first sent here, then you became born once more then Christ sent you again to share and make disciples. But, with that said you have to be equipped with the right tools in order to change a world. Yes, everyone is sent. So go, but take with you the spirit of God with you wherever you go. Some of you think you can’t go, but what you fear is not fear of what’s out there, it’s your on selfishness or inhibitions to do as Christ asks you to do. Why, because your flesh limits you from doing anything great in this world. Your flesh has a mind of its own which selfishness and fear operates in. You know when you are gripped with the notion of putting yourself out there for the whole world to take notice of you. What they need you have! What you not getting is it’s what inside you that will take over and help to drive you forward towards your purpose and destiny. Place your eyes and place your feet one in front of the other and open your mouth and He will give you what you will say. Have Faith, without it you will not please your Father.