FRESH MANNA, April 1, &&&, Daily submission unto the power of Holy Spirit is what is needed to empower up to cast your cares unto the Lord. You see must not think about things that seem to cost you time and effort and tress. Casting cares releases you to go and operate on a different level un-aware to power of the Spirit. Casting cares brings healing powers to your mind, body and soul. There will be a joy in your heart that even you can’t explain. Casting cares on Him who knows exacting what to do with them. They are held up to the Light of the world and the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit to work out all things to your advantage without you worrying about how and when those issues or cares you used to think about will be fixed. The answers you seek are not found in your own hands put in the hands. Cares of this world are not our problems but His. So give them up and take a step back in faith. Turn and walk away. Leaving them at His footsteps and not lose your confidence. You have been released to shout with joy and be at peace.


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