FRESH MANNA, April 2, +++, This being Holy week on the Jewish Calendar, all these days giving Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose face we hold in our mirror when we look at ourselves daily. How much do we look like him? Well, first we do look exactly like Him according to Genesis 1:26. But we are talking about the second image, if you will, of His work thru us to redeem mankind and continue to show the world the Kingdom of God on earth. How much of Him do you see in yourself? I know you called it “A Work in Progress”. We all do. As we continue to strive for that image of Christ in our lives we can speed up the process by getting rid of the image that looks like this world. If you look at yourself and see anything other than Christ like, then get rid of it. Yes, it’s that easy. Why, because who you are doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I mean who you are as a human acting like this world and you being conditioned to form your opinions base upon this world are not relevant. You should be looking at life like God looks at this life and doing it according to His actions and not this world’s way of doing things.


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