FRESH MANNA, April 3, †,

FRESH MANNA, April 3, †, The Cross represents our faith and our redemption. If it was not for the Cross and our Lord and savior being the blood sacrifice, taking our place on the cross we would have been dammed to hell lost forever. Now because of what Christ did on our behalf for those who believe, we have eternal life. As He came to give us life and life more abundantly, are we truly grasping the concept of what He did for us? It’s easy to take part in the forgiveness of sins by believing He died for us. Now as we look at what He did in setting us free there are many that are still clinging on to the bondage that they are freed from. How, by thoughts we think upon issues of life that Christ freed us from. We live thinking there is no hope. We hold on thinking we could control it. We feel more conformable with it and then without it. Holding on to things that keep us in bondage is like us wanting a cancer tumor put back inside us after the Doctors have removed it, knowing that it eventually kill us. Christ came with blessings, heeling and promises of everlasting life. Have we grown so accustom to the sufferings and pains of life that we like it more than the freedom of what Christ has done?


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