FRESH MANNA, April 6,*>*,

FRESH MANNA, April 6,*>*, What is found in giving and serving one another? The love of Christ is seen in us serving. You are the first thing that this dark world sees and the light that shines so brightly when you serve. You are unselfish with your time and your heart. God sees and will repay, though we are not looking or doing this because of a repayment. This is how God measures your heart. He knows a true and willing heart. Much is found in putting aside your own issues of life to bring happiness or peace to someone else’s sorrows and lack. When you give of your time and money you are being the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth. He is looking for people like you to stand in agreement with Him to serve the needs of the many. When they ask where Christ is, He is in the heart of those who He sends in this darkened world to bring the love of them that can’t see love. We are the ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. Go and let your light shine sending a message to the darkness, we are not afraid and our love will stand forever even in the darkest times.



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