FRESH MANNA, April 7, >?<

FRESH MANNA, April 7, >?<, The battle field of the mind. There only one place where this war is being fought of course it’s the mind, but there is three entry points that you must protect at all times and whatever the cost. The first is your thoughts life. To guard against this you must cast out every thought. You must not entertain any thought, because the enemy will have free excess at that point. He will recognize that you enjoy thinking about those things and help give you even more in the form of visions and thoughts. Shut the doorway to your mind. Don’t desire anything that is not of God. Second your eyes are the window to your soul. No second looks. What you see is saying what you desire. This builds a platform in which the enemy will keep showing you things and after period of time it will be planted so deep it will become like muscle memory. You will recognize sights, sounds, and images that bring you back to that moment. Shut the door. Third, what you say is as important. What’s in your heart, this is your mind, will be said and replanted in your thoughts to confirm your desires. Shut the door to your month. Say what God says to confirm His words on your heart.




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