FRESH MANNA, April 8, >*>

FRESH MANNA, April 8, >*>, The battle lines have been drawn and if you are on the side of righteousness, then your enemy is the devil. Don’t be dismayed by the enticements of this world. They are used by the enemy to say that the grass is greener on his side. We who know the truth will be set free in knowing which side their bread is buttered. You can look at the meaning of things that try to keep your mind on those pleasures like they are ok to try or get involved in and it’s good to do it because the rest of the world is doing them. Like watching the many reality TV shows and other shows nightly that should be seen maybe on paid TV. Girls believing they should gang up and put their feeling and emotions on display giving up of themselves for one guy. We are drawn in by our flesh and for those who don’t know the Word would think that this is OK, that women should put their hearts on a chopping block. The enemy will keep pulling on our flesh strings to keep our desires heightened to euphoria so we will come back wanting more. Christ came to set us free from these strongholds of bondage never to return or be trapped again. We are in this world but not of this world, so why are you acting like them and what side of the battle lines do you want to be on anyway?



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