FRESH MANNA, April 9, <,,,>, Don’t waver because a person that waver is like one who doubts. You don’t know which way you’re going and what decision you will make. God can’t move forward on your decision until you figure it out. But once you set your feet firmly in a direction immediately your course is set and God chimes in through the Holy Spirit directing your steps towards your destiny. Yes, there is suggestion in the beginning while you are deciding, but listening is hard for you, because the enemy is throwing suggestions to make you lean in his direction. He always there tiring to confuse your world by enticing you by playing own your emotions. Using things in your pass that you would immediately recognize helping to form an opinion that may look like God was in it all the time. I know it’s hard, but waiting patiently helps in deciding, praying consistently, studying to know Him, and letting that still small voice that is not abrasive to help guide you. If you continue to waver in your thoughts and decision you will confuse yourself and in up making a wrong choice. Stop, sit, wait, be calm, at peace, patience, hear, seek, and finally move forward towards His calling. You will know it when He calls. Take that first step and all the rest will be His.


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