FRESH MANNA, April 10, /+/,

FRESH MANNA, April 10, /+/, What do you do when you are face with another weekend that could push or pull you over the edge? If you allow it to happen, then quest what? It will. You are still in control of what you think, do and how you handle yourself. Also you know how much to handle by not putting yourself in a place or position that could cause you to fall. You already know your weaknesses and the devil does too. So you have to plan your course, places you will go and the people you will hang around that have a potential to set you up for a fall. This is God’s command for us to control our selves, because you can’t control anyone else, even the environment you are in. Keep your eyes on the prizes for the high calling in Christ which we must put before us daily before we enter into this world. Walk with assurance that you will command yourself and listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you that will help instruct you to have a better temperament for all situations. Remember, you have to stop letting the devil keep setting you up and have him stop pulling your strings. Take them from him and place them in God’s graceful hands.



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