FRESH MANNA, April 13, >@<,

FRESH MANNA, April 13, >@<, If you are dealing with anxiety caused by issues of life giving you a troubling mind that you find yourself overwhelmed by an on slot of emotions stop, drop and roll to put the fire out. Well, stop, drop and pray for peace of mind. If you just stand there and allow it then it will eat your mind up until it affects your body. It has been proven that highly emotional issues that fill the brain cause issues in the body, which in turn a high number of people have gone to the hospital for. If you allow it then God has no choice but to allow it. Now He will give the Holy One something to tell you that could help you, but you have to listen then answer and follow His instructions. Don’t wait until you are so enamored by life’s issues until you can’t function. Release it all to Him. Prayer over all your situations will help you coup until the answers come to you to take care of your situations. You have a helper, so why are you trying to handle things alone? The mind and body can only handle so much. Jesus came to give you life and more abundantly. It’s your choice.


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