FRESH MANNA, April 15, -?-,

FRESH MANNA, April 15, -?-, What matters to you most in life is where you will spend most of your time thinking and talking about. Where your heart is there is your Treasure. Do you care about the social needs of your community and the world around you? For the most part God is not asking all of you to go into foreign counties, but support is needs of those who have answered the call. Do you care about only selfish needs or are you putting down self in order to pick up those in the society around you? Where do you spend most of your time thing about? Life is more than just you. We are a family of agents sent into a dark world to inhabit a nation in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven values and mannerisms to earth. We are more than what we see in the mirror. It’s only matter and materials that we see belonging to this place. God calls it a temple, it’s a temporary dwelling place that keeps us here until our work is finished like Christ on the cross then we leave and return to where we once came from. So why are you here? Look around you there is much work to be done and now even more so with the Social Injustices happening all over the world. We are the agents of change that have been sent to show the world the way.


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