FRESH MANNA, April 16, &^%,

FRESH MANNA, April 16, &^%, You are counted with those of old in having the favor of God upon you. Just as they received it you have also and more than that you are counted as children of righteousness. More favor comes your way as you plan to do well in the sight of God and among men. If you think you don’t you have it, you do. He takes care of His own and among us who are counted He shows no partiality to anyone. The more you do in His sight the more favor you will be granted along with the power of the Holy One on the inside to carry out many tasks. Don’t be dismayed in well doing, He will reward and take care of the hands and feet that represent Christ in this dark world. Show the love of Christ at all times whereby you will sustain and stand when your days are filled with the pressures of this life. For when we walk among giants we shall not fear for the armies of God are mightier than the evil that presents its self-strong against you. Take joy with you in knowing this bit of information, though you might receive the scars from the war, victory stands with you on every turn.



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