FRESH MANNA, April 17, (**),

FRESH MANNA, April 17, (**), Scenes from the new Star Wars movie came out this week. Do you remember these sayings: Stay on Target, The Force will be with you always, remember the power of the Force, Use the force Luke, and from the new movie: There’s been an awakening have you felt it, the dark side and the light! As you can see Hollywood has been telling these kinds of stories about good and evil, darkness and the light for many years. The battle for us is real and not just some movie. Daily we have to stand against the enemy of darkness that tries to pull us back into its world. As we look at our society today seeing what’s going on with the unrest of injustice in America. It’s evil that has caused this which was never really eradicated and it’s going to get worst before anything is done about it. Looking closely at your own house and the battle you face daily having to combat the enemy and stand strong against what wars against us. Though you feel you are one against many or you feel weak and the enemy is stronger, quest what? You are never along and you have the power you need to stand in the good fight of faith against what’s going on in your house in this world. Just like in Star Wars the enemy will rise up stronger than before and each time he does, we win always in the end.


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