FRESH MANNA, April 20, *(*,

FRESH MANNA, April 20, *(*, World changers, meaning you were designed to change the World. Well in several ways, you were first sent here, then you became born once more then Christ sent you again to share and make disciples. But, with that said you have to be equipped with the right tools in order to change a world. Yes, everyone is sent. So go, but take with you the spirit of God with you wherever you go. Some of you think you can’t go, but what you fear is not fear of what’s out there, it’s your on selfishness or inhibitions to do as Christ asks you to do. Why, because your flesh limits you from doing anything great in this world. Your flesh has a mind of its own which selfishness and fear operates in. You know when you are gripped with the notion of putting yourself out there for the whole world to take notice of you. What they need you have! What you not getting is it’s what inside you that will take over and help to drive you forward towards your purpose and destiny. Place your eyes and place your feet one in front of the other and open your mouth and He will give you what you will say. Have Faith, without it you will not please your Father.



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