FRESH MANNA, April 21, _&_,

FRESH MANNA, April 21, _&_, What effects does your situations in life change you view on how to handle those things you are going thru? What enables you to act a certain way if someone or something pushes your buttons? What are those root causes that you can pin point that people show be on high alert? What is your protection against what you’re going through? Have you been using self-preservation which is of the flesh to fight something that is not of this world but is of a dark world? Or do you know what to do in the Word, but yet you still put it aside thinking that the only way you are familiar with is what’s in your mind to do? But, yet it doesn’t work. You have herd them say try God when all else you’ve tried fells, but yet you won’t. Why, lack of faith in the Word is the reason you won’t try God’s way of handling the enemy of darkness coming against your mind, which also affects your body. Ephesians 6:11-18 AMP or NLT gives added descriptive terms to help you understand and visualize your preparedness for the battles you face daily.



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