FRESH MANNA, April 22, =+=,

FRESH MANNA, April 22, =+=, We have all the help we would ever need. Christ sent us a gift that we truly until know have not understood the full understanding of His help. Nor have we who think we understand why He is with us had not taken full advantage of His powers. The force is strong in my family. Ok, I brought up another Star War saying. But to all who have received Christ has also receive the Spirit, you now have the power living on the inside of you to carry out and fulfill all God’s promises. After you have been filled with the Spirit, He will help you to understand the Word which you read. He also will help you thru the fruits of the spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. These attributes of the spirit will remind you and reframe your thinking to act with these fruits towards yourself, others, and in life. This power will not force you, but you will be empowered to act in such a way that represents the image of Christ in you. Your character and ways will change as you put each of these in action.



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