FRESH MANNA, April 23, (!!!),

FRESH MANNA, April 23, (!!!), Why do we avoid change? We know we need to change some things about ourselves in order for God to move mightily in our favor, but we don’t because we see where God is taking us. Or we see how much God’s purpose for our lives we lead us down a road we tell ourselves we are not ready for. We are too comfortable where we are and even though these tests, trials and issues of life are kicking our, well you know what, we still feel good where we are. Fooled by the devil, fooled by our on desires for something else, fooled by the desires of this world, or just a fool. I know that was strong, but many of you know that the only grass that has greener pastures is in the destiny where God is leading you. Many of you are suffering that don’t have to, but you remain for some odd reason that you and God only knows. God sees this as you being led not by the spirit but by the flesh and you are not ready for God to use you to help in concurring others for the Kingdom. He’s looking for those the light was turned on that would lead others to the light for their spirits to be awakened. Change must take place in yourself in order for you to be at the place promised for you. How long will it take for the truth inside you to prevail?



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