FRESH MANNA, April 27, \\\,

FRESH MANNA, April 27, \\\, Wars are mostly won on your knees. When doing any kind of preparedness for battle when it comes to the War we are in as Christians, we must start with prayer. It does help you mentally, but also spiritually. There is a warrior on the inside of you. Have any of you seen the new AD Series where the Angel comes and roll the stone away. It took five or six men to put the stone in place, but one Angel roll it away. The spirit man is like that type of warrior and with the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you there is no evil force that could take you. Our weakness lies only in our flesh. That’s why the word tells us to walk in the spirit. For us that’s to do things according to the real person who is from heaven helping our flesh to defeat all the forces of darkness that comes against us. You on the outside, which is flesh, are to respond to your enemy with the power within. You can’t handle the issues of life in the flesh. You will only get minimal results, which is weak against an enemy that is stronger than your flesh. He won’t respond or back off until you invoke the spirit within to help drive him back. Your flesh is the tool or like an instrument that once you learn to master it will sound so beautiful the enemy will not have any choice but to back off you.



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