FRESH MANNA, April 30, +=+,

FRESH MANNA, April 30, +=+, What started out as a daily word for a number of men I was pouring into, little did I know it would continue and then turn into a book. When you are walking in your destiny and purpose for God you may not know where He would lead you each day, but it would have something to do with what you are most passionate about. God takes your feet then He guides them in the direction He wants you to go. For the most part He doesn’t interfere with where you are going until you decide to take that leap of faith towards your destiny, but until then He will give you visions that would give a glimpse of your future. Your life as a Christian is marked for good. If you decide as a Christian not to go a certain direction then what could happen is called the Jonah Affect. God will cause you to change your mind by unction of the Spirit, by tests and trials, by placing things and people in your life whereby you unknowingly end up back on the path He intended for you in the first place. My suggestion, if you are uncertain about your direction of where God is taking you, being afraid or not, be open and willing to be used by God so He could direct your path. Release yourself so that He can release you to go out into the world to affect it with those things He has given you in your talents and abilities.



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