FRESH MANNA, Fill in, ***,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 1, ***, Your imagination and vision can be used for your good. To inspire you, to set you on fire for the right things, to get you pointed in the right direction, to setup key visions and thoughts for your future. Your imagination can get you running in the right places in life. When you setup a motion picture in your thoughts visions of you doing that which you most desire, by seeing it in your mind constantly, you will call up things in the spirit to help you achieve what you invasion in your mind. Don’t think that this is some wish upon a star, hocus pocus and there it is, no. We are by God’s design about projecting visioning based upon our destiny. God will release the angels in heaven to help bring about that which we invasion according to His plans for our lives. Imaginations and visions help in the development of our destiny by getting us on one accord with God’s plan for our lives. In other words, you will dream about those things that you were already predestined to do. Acts 2:17


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