FRESH MANNA, Fill in 2, ***

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 2, ***, Question for you who struggle with thoughts and imagination that war against the flesh. How much time to you devote to your flesh? Meaning, your body commands that you do a lot with it, like feeding it, clothing, etc., but also desires you to listen and look at things of this world that plague your minds with sexually, lying, deceit, covetousness, etc. You are turn on in your flesh to buy and conform to this world’s way of living. It’s all based upon what you see and hear everyone else is doing that determines your life style. You are not controlling anything. You think you are making choices that are right for you but you are not really. Listen to yourself, take notices of what you’re listening to, what TV programs you watch, then look at your lifestyle and tell yourself you don’t conform to this world. Now look at your friends and take notice of what they are doing that is just like you. Salt affects the world, it doesn’t act like it, because what good is the salt? Matthew 5:13-14.


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