FRESH MANNA, Fill in 8, (^+^),

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 8, (^+^), Look close happier days are coming your way if you have not already started to experience some happier times. Expectation is the key to start feeling good for better days are ahead. Why, expectation, it’s a word used to help point your mind in a good direction. Sometimes you have to prime the pump or put a little gas in the carburetor. I know for some of you may not know what that means, so if you think about it this way. Set your mind on things above. Why, God would want you to do that? It’s like placing your thoughts or focusing your mind on that thing(s) you want to happen before they happen. Yes, we as Christians should expect good things to happen to us. Get this, if I wanted bad things to keep happening then I should keep thinking on bad thoughts, but if I want good things to happen then I have to think, hope, and then place my mind on those areas I want to change. Just like when you are driving you point the car in the direction you want to go. The same is for everything in life. Think about happy days and then don’t let anything or anyone disrupt your train of thought until you achieve your goal. You can’t let life just happen, you have to take possession and train your mind to go places it has not been yet. Phil 4:8, Col 3:2, Prov 23:18, Psalm 62:5, John 10:10, Prov 22:6, Eph 5:26



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