FRESH MANNA, Fill in 11, *^*,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 11, *^*, If you are looking to change the outcome of a situation or change your life or the way you’re going or the way you feel about yourself, then start with where the biggest problem lies, with your mouth. What are you saying about yourself tells yourself a lot about you. Though the mind is the most powerful element to the human outlook, your month is the instrument that plays the most important role in changing your thought life. You are who you are due to what you think and say about yourself. You are where you are in life due to what you’ve been saying about yourself. If you want to change the course of where you are then stop saying negative or dumb things about yourself. Mind over matter when it comes to anything in life you want. Think first of what you want to change about yourself then say it repeatedly until you see those things change. Even when those or the enemy says indifferent you just keep saying. This goes true for those looking at their bodies and don’t like what they see. Say over and over again what you want to look like and your mind and thoughts will change and you will make subtle changes to get there. Prov 18:21, Matt 12:37, Prov 12:13, Prov 13:3, Hosea 10:13, Prov 18:4-7, Matt 12:35-37, Phil 4:8



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