FRESH MANNA, Fill in 13, ///,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 13, ///, Do you ever wondered why your mind and body keeps wanting to related back to your old self. If you fell to renew your mind daily with the washing of the word and prayer your body will fall back on what it used to. Because, as long as you are alive in this world your bodies will always want to do as the world does. Sin and evil are in the flesh and it’s what compels it to do what those things you fight hard not to do. Many of you have struggled with this, you go days reading and in prayer then you take off a few days and your flesh wants you to do those very same things you have been in prayer about. It’s like your mind and body doesn’t want you to have victory over these things. You cannot take one day off before your body starts wanting to go back to that same old you. It’s like this, if you take a bath every day to be clean, well the same thing must happen with your mind in order for it to be cleansed from sinful deeds of the flesh. In those moments when your mind and body are under attack go back and read some more. It’s a never ending task that has to be done as long as you live. Your spirit is new but your bodies will not see newness until Christ returns. Rom 12:2, Eph 4:3, Eph 5:26, Col 3:3, Rom 6:11, Col 2:20, Eph 6:12, Mark 12:38, Matt 26:40-43, Mark 14:38, John 16:33



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