FRESH MANNA, Fill in 15, ///,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 15, ///, Worry, Doubt, Stress, or Fear no more. Think negative no more. Speak discouragement no more. Your past won’t haunt you no more. No more dark clouds looming over you ever again. You can now walk in the promise land. Promises written there in the Word on every page of the Bible that are promised by God for you can be had, but your faith without works can’t bring them to past. All are given, but not all can be had without walking by faith to receive them. Apples on a tree can bring nourishment to your body, but as long as it’s on the tree it will do you no good. We waste time on negative ventures which hold back and or stop the promises from coming to us. Our minds are filed with yesterday’s works so that we can’t receive today or tomorrow promises. Take no thought or waste no time on things you can’t change, they are not for you, but keep your eyes on the mark, which for you is your destiny, it has been promised to you. It will bring you joy as you look forward to it coming. Tests and trails mark the beginning or far tells your story to which is to come. So put a smile on your face and shout for joy if you have to until your destiny appears. Phil 4:4-7, Matt 6:25-34, Jam 1:6, Phil 2:5, 2 Corth 1:20, Deut 31:6, Rom 8:38-39, Rom 8:28, Peter 5:7, Isa 41:10, Jam 1:3, 2-4, Phil 3:14, Prov 4:25, Jam 2:14-26, Phil 4:7, 2 Tim 1:7



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