FRESH MANNA, Fill in 21, &+&,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 21, &+&, Have you heard that we are just living a small shadow of our true shelf? Many, if this is just a shadow, then think of the upside or the growth potential for someone great to come out of you. The sky is the limit for your greatness. This is the reason why in life we fight and struggle and live in disappointment for all of us are living on a level or in a space where shadows are confined. But, we are much more than a shadows conditioned by this worlds way of doing things. We must live and rise higher than what the world says we must. We don’t live by the world’s standards and rules or laws, but by a Creator who says we are more than conquers. Mere materials of just flesh and blood, but live, breathe and walk by the spirit, which has no boundaries. We have been released and no longer bond to this world and the way it thinks we should live. If you are fighting a battle and not winning then look up to the One who says you have already won. The struggles you face daily are there only to keep you bond. If you are living in disappointment with life or people, then you don’t understand why you are really here. Go, do and stretch beyond the shadow of yourself to a place higher than you have ever been before. It will be hard and uncomfortable at first but walking in victory is surely sweet. Rom 8:37, Isaiah 64:8, Jeremiah 18, Rom 7:1-7, Rom 7:6, Eph 6:12, John 6:53, John 3:6, Colo 1:10, Gal 2:20, Phil 1:21, Phil 3:14, 2 Corin 5:7


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