FRESH MANNA, Fill in 22, ^&*,

FRESH MANNA, Fill in 22, ^&*, The first step to walking in total victory is to acknowledge your weakness and bring it to light. Place it on the forefront of all you think about to gain success over your flesh. Share your faults one to another. Take precaution to snuff out this weakness that the enemy is using against you in stopping you from gaining access to the things Christ has for you to walk in total victory. Everything was done in the earth realm when He said it’s finished. To gain access to it is to release yourself to do so. Place your cares in His hands then receive all access to His blessings that are yours to receive. The fruit tree in your back yard is beautiful and full of fruit, but it does you no good if you don’t pick the fruit from it. What’s’ holding you back is many things; one, you’re selfish to not want to increase or succeed in life. Second, you’re unwillingness to fight. Three, you’re unable to do so because you want to hold on to the old you. Fourth, you’re lack of faith to make the first step. Fifth, you’re unable to increase in favor due to your constant willingness to be something you’re not. You are unfinished product on the Potter’s turn table that is consistently having to be remolded and reshape, because you are unpliable. Matt 16:19, Luke 8:17, Rom 6:14, Rom 7, 2 Cor 4:16, 1 Peter 3:4, Heb 11:6, Matt 26:41, Rom 8:3, 2 Cor 5:7, Luke 2:52, Eph 1:3, John 19:28-30, James 5:16


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