DAILY MANNA, Fill In 24, ^++,

DAILY MANNA, Fill In 24, ^++, Question is if this was your last day or moment on earth, what would be your last act? Would it be un-forgiveness? Would it be that last sin that you just couldn’t help yourself doing? When you have battled so much and you give in just one more time, but then you are gone. When you face Christ, what would be your answer? When all you have done is being played back on the Big Screen TV in Heaven, what are all your excuses that you know He knows everyone before you even say them? Yes, He knows what things you deal with in the flesh, that’s why He sent Jesus to show you it all can be done. If this was your last and final moment unknowingly would you want it to be something amazing, like conquering your flesh, or helping and serving those less fortunate than you? Battles of the flesh are fought in the mind, so feed it the Word daily or as much as needed to increase your power over your flesh. It’s like pouring fresh water in a class filed with dirty water, as you continue to do it all that will be left is fresh water. Rom 12:2, Isaiah 55:8-9, Matt 25:31-46, Isaiah 9:2, Psalm 56:13, John 8:12, Matt 5:13-16, Matt 25:21, John 16:33, John 14:12, Heb 10:35


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