DAILY MANNA, Fill In 27, *+=,

DAILY MANNA, Fill In 27, *+=, There is an un-utilize source of power that we fell to speak out. Far when we do use it’s there as a spark and a flame that is centered inside us that lights us up. It empowers us to move out with boldness. It compels us to fight harder and to get up when we fall. There is no other power on earth like it. This power makes all your enemies stop in their tracks. Even humans recognize it for what it is and either repel or come in agreement for they are hurting for its power. Un-utilize because we don’t use it enough for in these days the enemy is building up his warriors against the children of God. Don’t be the one they ask, why didn’t you call on the name of Jesus? There is power in that name. Power untapped, power un-utilized, power not shown to the enemy, and for without the use of this power you will only walk in your own strength. You along are weak for when the pressure of life comes against you there is a source of power unmatched by the enemy and he knows it. So the question remains, why aren’t you using it enough or at all? The greatest sword is the one that doesn’t remain in its sleeve. Prov 18:10, John 1:3, Heb 1:3, Matt 7:28-29, Luke 4:32, Matt 8:27, Luke 5:17, Matt 10:1, Mark 16:17-18, Luke 10:17, Matt 9:6, John 5:21, John 5:28-29, John 16:33, Heb 2:14, Acts 17:11


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