FRESH MANNA, April 29, @=@,

FRESH MANNA, April 29, @=@, We live in our flesh daily and we realize there is a war going on there that sometimes frustrates us to what seems to be no end in sight. We have to play this terrible game daily fighting against our own mind and body. We feed it, put the Word in it, we tell it no you can no longer act that way, you must do as I say and as the Word of God tell us. But the body rarely listens and if our body does, it waits for our weak moments to start acting up again. It has no remorse for the good things we teach it. As we know that we must not answer to our bodies and minds, the things that it wants to do we don’t want to do them. We feel compile by this flesh to follow the course of this world and pursue after the things of this world and desire them until we have our fill of them. Then once again when fulfillment has worn off it comes to us begging for more. We fight to keep it under the Word and grace of God. We no longer are subject to its power but the power of the Holy Spirit.  Sin plagues our flesh and the blood of Christ is the cure.


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